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ATS Rocky Mountain Partnerships

Alerton Technologies

Alerton has led the way in developing products based on a standard open communication protocol to give building owners flexibility in their building solutions. Alerton is the first to:

  • Offer Windows based operator’s workstations
  • Offer an intelligent zone sensor-the Microset
  • Offer a top-to bottom native BACnet system
  • BACnet Four Level Architecture

For complete monitoring and control functionality, BACtalk offers a four-tiered network architecture.

Management Level

From virtually anywhere in the world, you can monitor and control your buildings with our easy-to-use graphical software. Use three-dimensional animation and full-color graphics to access real-time data and energy management features. As-built drawings, floor plans and specific graphics of HVAC equipment can be customized for each site. The flexibility of BACnet allows connection to local area networks and the Internet.

Integration Level

Intelligent BACnet programmable controllers perform global control strategies on a peer-to-peer basis for an entire facility or multiple sites. These devices integrate seamlessly with third-party building systems such as fire alarm, access management and lighting.

Field Controller Level

Alerton offers an entire family of intelligent, native BACnet logic controllers. Each controller is programmable to support a range of applications, from complex air handling units to terminal unit devices such as VAV boxes, heat pumps and air conditioning units. All of our BACnet controllers use Alerton’s intuitive, graphical DDC programming language, VisualLogic.

Sensor/Actuator Level

Unique sensors like Alerton’s Microset (pictured below) can serve as both tenant control centers and field service tools. The system also supports traditional sensors and actuators used in building automation.


As a portion of the ATS Building Automation Solution, ATS engineers create custom control sequences using the easy to follow visual block diagram VisualLogic.

Ascent Compass Software

Leading Alerton’s Ascent product line, Compass is a powerful, dynamic interface enabling users to monitor and control their facilities from anywhere, at any time. It incorporates the latest browser technology and is truly the marriage of current technology and building automation. Ascent offers users an unparalleled user ​experience.


SkySpark automatically analyzes data from automation systems, metering systems and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction. SkySpark is an open platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be continuously analyzed. SkySpark helps owners and operators find what matters in the data produced by their equipment systems.


Tridium, a global software and technology company, is the inventor of the Niagara Framework®, a universal software platform that helps manufacturers develop Internet-enabled equipment systems and device-to-enterprise applications. Niagara resolves the challenges associated with open systems, integration and interoperability by integrating diverse systems and devices – regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol – into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time over the Internet.


DGLux5, our “drag & drop” rapid application development and visualization platform enables individuals and teams to design real-time, data-driven applications and dashboards without ever writing a single line of code. It maximizes analysis efficiency and enables faster communication through real-time, data-driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices. Significantly reduce time and money in project design, creation and deployment with a modern platform.

Honeywell SmartVFD

SmartVFD HVAC drives are all-purpose, and can handle both constant-torque and variable-torque loads. The firmware includes special features that make start-up and commissioning of HVAC applications especially easy. Application-specific startup wizards for pumps and fans, combined with the simple and intuitive user interface, make the SmartVFD a pleasure rather than a chore. Integration is a snap with the SmartVFD. It includes both Ethernet and RS485 connections, and will talk BACnet, Modbus, and JCI N2. Take the complexity out of drive selection, installation, and startup – choose SmartVFD for your HVAC projects and start saving time, money, and manpower as well as energy.